Apart from being one of the most adorable creatures on this planet, a panda thrives on having its “me-time”, snacks and snoozing. If your daily routine consists of being cooped up in your room, eating food at all hours, and napping four times a day, then you my dear are no different from a panda and you definitely need to have Le Comrade’s Panda collection in your closet.

Cute Panda Crop Top and T-shirt

panda cute
Cute Panda | Buy Apparel Online | Le Comrade | India

Looking for the perfect birthday gift for your bestie? This cute crop top depicts friendship in the sweetest way possible, portraying the silly, small ways we manage to have fun with the people we love. Gift this to your best friend and ask them to be the ice bear to your panda. Buy two of these and twin around, because your friendship absolutely deserves to be boasted about. This design is also available in a super comfortable t-shirt style which when bought in pairs, is the perfect clothing item that you can twin with your friends, siblings, significant other, parents, anyone!

Panda Looks Tee

Panda Looks
Panda Looks Hoodie | Buy amazing hoodies Online | Le Comrade

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present” If this beautiful quote suddenly transports you to the scene where Oogway says these lines to Po when he needs a boost of confidence and a nudge in the direction of the potential in him, then you need to have this t-shirt in your closet. Giving the perfect Kung-Fu panda vibes, use this t-shirt for whenever you feel low and need to remind yourself of Oogway’s wise words. It is quirky, super comfortable, and versatile (you can style it with your pajamas or even with your denim!).

(Pro Tip: Pull it on when binging to the Kung Fu Panda Series with some fairy lights and pop-corns for a perfectly cozy evening plan.)

Panda Princess


A panda as a spirit animal symbolizes having strict personal boundaries, being a compassionate individual, being self-fulfilled but also needing emotional support at times. They may look calm, but they harness the power which has the ability to uproot everything. If you’re someone who feels like a panda is your spirit animal, then you definitely need to have this t-shirt. Panda princess gives the cutest vibes and is there to remind that no matter what, you’re the absolute best! Wear your individuality in symbolism with this t-shirt. 

A t-shirt being a fluid piece of garment, it can be easily styled with some chunky jewellery and your denim for a casual day out. You can pull it on for those “self-care” days as well when you need to be reminded of your worth, your highness. 

What are you waiting for? Get your hands on this super cute collection from https://lecomrade.com/panda/ today!

Author: Bhavini Sharma